Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Parry Aftab: 5 Things Parents Need to Know about Facebook and MySpace

The following was aired on Good Morning America today, July 16, 2008, and was posted on the website at ABC News.

For the majority of teens and tweens, networking online isn't just a game, it's a necessity. But parents worry their children don't fully grasp the ramifications of posting personal information online.

There are ways to protect your child. Cybersecurity expert Parry Aftab, who is also the executive director of, tells you the five things your child needs to know to keep safe on sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Find Your Teen's Profile

The first thing parents should do is find their child's profile, according to Aftab. Many kids have more than one online profile, so you have to find out how many your child has and where they are. You are entitled to know and the best way to find out is by asking your kids, she said.

You don't want a confrontation. You just want to make sure your kids are safe. Giving them a day to clean up their profile will allow them to cleanse it if they have information or pictures posted that tell too much about themselves, she said.

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

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